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- Play our new game -
Juice 'Em Up: Baseball on Steroids
with A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez)

Total Growth Enhancers Thrown at A-Rod
Throws: 227,987 Hits: 117,109 Misses: 110,878 Plays: 8,645

Top 5 High Scores
Ranking Hits Misses Name
1 39 1 Jake Hs
2 37 0 TLH
3 35 0 T
4 34 0 T
5 31 1 TLH

Site News:

Woh woh hold up!! Sorry everyone. We realized that A-Rod was looking a little slim and noticed that the A-Rod game stopped working. It's hard to find good help these days, but we smacked the guilty person around a little. The issue is now fixed, so go juice that sucka up!!

Full screen mode added for our Baseball on Steroids with A-Rod game.

Our new game has been posted. It is called: Juice 'Em Up: Baseball on Steroids with A-Rod . In this game you throw steroids at Baseball Star A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) Play it now!
se of this new game engine we created where you can put your own photo or photos on the characters.

A-Rod Steroids News:
A-Rod mum on claims he used steroids while in H.S.

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